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Shoes or Breakfast; Choices with your last $20

So, you’re down to your last $20 in cash. It’s 7.30am in the morning and you’re hungry (hello breakfast…!!!) It’s the best time of the day really until it comes time to drink but you see, unfortunately for reasons unbeknown to me (disorganised) I’ve lost my shoes.
Did I mention I’m living in a car? I’ve looked everywhere.
That is predicament I face right now. I know it is not a major one but there is definitely a big lesson in it I am SURE OF IT. One in which I am going to teach you in case you ever find yourself in the same predicament. But I am also going to explain to you, yes you, the real reasoning behind decision making. I can assure you, most likely you’re going to think I am crazy but that is ok. You have to be if you want to push the boundaries in life. Sometimes you have to be irrational, sometimes you have to choose the less obvious choice and sometimes you even mis-taked a solution that could have been so easily resolved.
By the way, did you read my last post? I will help you push your boundaries. I am definitely the kind of person you want advising you about this stuff. Because that’s what I do. I push boundaries. I know what the hell I am talking about.
Where was I? Right, the shoes sorry I got distracted my latte just arrived.
So why would I have purchased the shoes? That’s a logical question. Let’s look at the reasons why I could have. Well, maybe because I pretty sure it’s against health and safety not to wear shoes in a café. Possibly because food will last only for a few hours but shoes can last a lifetime (especially Havaianas).
I might have even chosen to buy these shoes because that is the most sensible thing to do or because it would be the socially acceptable thing to do. Plus who knows where my next pair of shoes will come from? The logic might be that the shoes could take me to my next meal but that is thinking is taking you out of the now. We want to stay present kids. But here’s the thing. Shoes can turn up out of nowhere at any time and especially if I am in a good mood. If I am in a good enough mood I guarantee I could walk up to a stranger and just ask him for his shoes and I bet he’d give them to me. That’s how much faith I have in humanity. But the same goes for food as well but see there is a feeling when you are hungry and it can be bizareely distracting. A lot more distracting than the feeling you get from not wearing shoes. Unless of course you let the thoughts about what other people may think get into your brain and yes then becomes more over powering but are you getting my drift? If you let those thoughts over power your natural ones you have problems. I can help you with those problems if you like, just contact me via somewhere somehow and I will point you in the right direction.
Anyway, where was I? Time for another latte now that I am editing. Right, social acceptability, living up to people’s expectations which I have spoken about recently and will post that article for you soon. Anyway these are all unnecessary thought processes that take up space in your mind and they are overriding the important feelings like “I’m hungry” and “instinct” and most importantly “intuition”, well not necessarily the most important thing but extremely useful. That’s why I am doing these ones ” ” because I want you to take NOTICE.
If you’ve ever had the munchies’ or you train ‘like the buggery’ you will know oh wait if you’re hung over craving a cook up or if you’re bored then hunger is pretty important too. But most of the time it’s a NATURAL thing. Just like emotions, feelings, intuition all those “things” that we think are separate from ourselves or not natural. Oh but I can’t believe I brought up the word bored. I would absolutely love to talk to you about being bored and eating and the reasons behind that but I so do not have enough knowledge about that nor do I understand it and I still completely do it or maybe it’s emotional who knows but I am not going down that path. What I will do is have Joanne Antoun on this blog and she can go through all that stuff with you. There is a balance with all this stuff, if you’re overly emotional that I’d say you have problems. You know what to do.
So enough about me I wanted to let you know there is some exciting stuff coming your way. I have done some live recordings of ‘blogs’ just so you get some audio stuff, so it’s not really a blog it’s a ‘Blog-dio’ ( – coming soon). There also includes live interviews as well. They do cost and they are completely hilarious but it’s super cheap to hear me chatter away into the nothingness. It is completely different stuff to what’s on the blog – as in I don’t just read the blogs that would be boring and way to much organisational skills for me to handle.
So once I have worked out how to put them on the blogs I will let you know. Maybe I should start a Twitter account that is a great idea. Will you follow it if I do? I don’t care if you don’t but don’t get shirty if you don’t know when Blog-Dio is available because THAT’S where I’ll be announcing it. I freaking love the word Blog-Dio. I totally just made that word up and I’m buying the domain as we speak, I mean read, write – whatever.
Anyway the charges are $1 per 5 minutes. It’s kind of like a phone sex line. But here’s the thing if it’s going to be a threesome. You listening and me interviewing another person it is $2 per 5 minutes. Ok now, now I have to stop ranting about phone sex lines because I am going to have some very amazing people on here so let’s keep it real. I really should try to ummm put some shoes on in public.
Yay! Buy my blogs!
Wait before I sign off did you get the moral of the story behind breakfast or shoes? It’s not as bad as I portray, I know the owner (although I am not sure of his reaction if he found out I had no shoes on) and I am pretty sure in a couple of hours I can borrow a pair or whatever it’s not the point. The point is that you have to be aware of your natural feelings and emotions and go with those. Be honest. Don’t worry about the artificial stuff. Don’t worry about your next meal or the shoes on your feet. Be aware of your feelings and what is going on for so you can take it naturally to a higher place. Life is suppose to get better, not worse.
You can make as much money as you want if you are aware that is what you want to do. It is the same for your feelings, if you are not aware of how you are feeling then how can you possibly change or make it better? Or better yet how can you make the most out of your life if you aren’t aware of getting better. I know feelings can sometimes feel like an untrustworthy source but they are there for a reason, not a season or lifetime but a reason. They are giving you answers to the questions you have been silently seeking.

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