Falling in Love

I am going to ask you to play a song while you read this blog. Go to YouTube put in UB40 and type Can’t Help Falling In Love.
Have you got it?
“Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you.”
When it comes to love, do we hold ourselves back? Is it because we think only fools rush in? But if I can’t help falling in love and I can’t help but think we are fools if we rush in, where the hell does it leave us? If we are not rushing in is it because the honest answer is that we think we are fools or are fools the ones that rush into non-love? If there is love in any given situation, there is no room for foolishness.
If the truth of the world is about love and if it stands for us humans that the greatest thing you will ever learn is just ‘to love and be loved in return’ then surely we do everything we possibly can to ensure obstacles are over come, distractions are minimal and boundaries are pushed in order to achieve the ultimate goal of true love. True love in our business, true love in our life, relationships but most importantly in each and every moment.
If this is the case then doesn’t this mean we should be rushing into life? I mean why wouldn’t we if we could create such bliss and who are these wise men that say only fools rush in?
I couldn’t help but wonder why are we living our lives differently. How many people are living each and every part of their lives like this? For the majority of us, what parts of our lives AREN’T we rushing into?  Is it because we think we are fools? Or is it because we are subconsciously resisting non-love parts of our lives?
If some things are meant to be, it is ‘completely acceptable’. But never let the thoughts of wrongdoing, the thoughts of victim and victimisation or the thoughts of not being worthy exchange themselves for the meaning of what is ‘meant to be’. The only thing that is MEANT to be is you here, in this moment.
I was disheartened recently when I said to a client that it was ‘just work for me’. This is not the case because I am rushing into all aspects of my life so it is never just work for me it is always about love. It is not separate. If we are separate in business, then we are separate in ourselves and I am not prepared to be nor accept that. I would rather rush in, with love to the fact that we are all one at every moment in our lives and this includes when doing business. If we separate ourselves in business, we separate ourselves in life and we are definitely not living by the theory of the world ‘as not being separate’.
It was in that moment of saying what I did to my previous client I decided not to take him on board. If I were going to separate that aspect of myself from him then I would rather walk away. Some clients may want separation and you may want separation also, so go with that but understand the truth that you are living separately inside of yourself.
Don’t get caught up on the word separation, in the dictionary it means “The action or state of moving or being moved apart.” Separation – it is in the action of this. It is not the final result of separation. The final result of separation is freedom. Therefore be clear on what you want in life. Do not say I need to separate my business life and personal life otherwise you will constantly be in the state of separating the two. It would be a never-ending battle like trying to separate water with your hands. However, if you want freedom in your business and you want freedom in your life then you need to be honest with yourself because real freedom comes from truth. That is what you need to focus on freedom in your business and freedom in your personal life, freedom as a whole not separation as an entity and the tool for this is truth.
There will always be prices to pay but sacrificing yourself through lies will pay an ultimate price. If that price you pay is lying in order to achieve money, then your ultimate price will never to have enough. If the price you pay is lying in order to achieve freedom your ultimate price is never feeling free enough and if the price you pay is lying to be with someone you love then the ultimate price is that they will know the truth of your love.
I get confused sometimes. I think that things mean someone loves me like arriving home early or that not calling means they don’t. I know life is what you mean of it but sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the truth is. Are they arriving home early because they didn’t have a good a night and is not calling because it’s too hard to say, I love you. The thing is, we have to make it mean something or else what is the point? What is the point of living if we are just making things mean a maybe or we are only finding meaning in the simple things of life? If I had to make a good meaning out of cleaning the dishes or doing washing then there is something wrong with me. We need to be making meaning out of the big things because our lives are big things.
So remember to keep rushing into your life, rush into all that is love. You are only the fool if rushing in to non-love. So fall in love, fall in love deeply and rush into life and into your dreams.

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