Letter to my Future Employer

I am giving you access to a letter I wrote to a prospective employer.

I had a thought that due to some major clients dropping out that I might have to find some additional income so I jumped on www.psychicjulianna.com.au ( actually I LIKED her on FB https://www.facebook.com/PsychicJulianna ) and she confirmed within seconds it is what I needed to do. So I set the wheels in motion to find additional income.

Which I love. Applying for a job is like creating the best cake in the world. You get to choose exactly what is you want to do and who you want to do it for and go after it. I am not sure how exactly that applies to baking a cake, but anyhow. Go with it I say.

I hope you enjoy the letter.
Dear ****

I am writing in regards to an opening you may have in you business. If you don’t have any, I thought you may create one. 
I’ve seen it done before and I think if I was an employer I would definitely employ myself to see what could come about of it. I mean, the world is really our oyster.
In the past I have been a PA. Please note I think I am a terrible PA. I will confirm that my past bosses however think I am actually a very good PA and have even suggested I should TRAIN staff on how to be a PA. 
I also worked as a PA for an Education Manager (a position created to have me in the business – I don’t think I have actually ever applied to be a PA). I sold $120,000 in cash sales monthly in online course & on campus education. I believe I am good in sales and it will come in use when my business is finished, I own a Production Company (Film & Photography Marketing) I am not so great at selling my own products just yet. 
BUT. I am great at sales for other people. I have also done Nanny work. I worked at Dreamworld at one stage, even Virgin Blue. Wow, I have had a pretty good life.
I am completely entrepreneurial, creative, intuitive and hard working. 
It makes up for my organisational skills or lack there of. 
I am currently writing a book called *****. It is the story of my life combined with the goal to expand my **** businesses to great heights which I will then endeavour to save small countries and personally track down the people behind human trafficking. 

It’s getting there, but I’m not there just yet therefore I need to find a part time job to bring in an income so I can live and continue doing what I am doing for my business. I need to find an income so I can actually keep putting it into my businesses. It’s like I’m playing the pokies but never hitting the jackpot. It’s ok, it will come. I also would like to find a job with flexibility. 
I’ve left my number underneath my name in case you would like to give me a call. It doesn’t have to be about the job. I know you’re busy, but we can chat about anything if you want. 
*****This letter was published in October 2012 – it is now July 15 2014 and I’m writing to let you know I did the job with this successful and prominent Australian figure, not from this letter, this letter was declined, but six months in the future she was looking for a staff member, I applied with the same passion and enthusiasm and was given the job. Still to this day, I am working with her along with working on my own business and continuing to build wealth, prosperity, relationships and love. 

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