More than one ending to the Story

It has been a while since I have last written. I’ve let time get away with me in my endeavours of finding an endeavour and like a misspent youth I have been widely distracted by more than one thing or another at any given time. It’s not that they have been unnecessary, actually since one of my last posts of Shoes VS Breakfast it would seem my endeavours have been some what necessary; necessary relative to my lifestyle. Not necessary relative to those more unfortunate to my less fortune. But you see today I learnt a very valuable lesson, or perhaps I learnt it for myself after hearing it many times before but for some reason I put in the discipline to do something today that seemed to stick. But like all things this life has to offer it has to be balanced within the extremity of what you are actually looking at. You see as I did my first run of the ‘next journey to loose weight again’ I decided to look at the footpath and not what is in front of me. Although in the past I have always been a ‘looking downer’ kind of person, when your running on a busy boardwalk it’s hard not to look up at each and every person that walks, runs or cycles by. Not necessary a bad thing when you dodge the backwards cap, jeans to half way down his ass skateboarder that narrowly missing my body that takes up nearly half of the pathway. But as I ran today looking at each and every person, comparing if their body was like mine or skinny like I want to be, but not with those legs, the ‘oh gosh she’s way to skinny’ reading their Lorna Jane t-shirts or wandering what that that creepy looking David Letterman lookalike does for a living, it occurred to me it was taking up way too much space in my already way too overloaded brain.
It occurred to me in that very moment I was having a reflection of my own life.
I know every moment is ‘suppose’ to be a reflection of your own life, but when I am staring into the eyes of one I love so dearly, I’m not thinking, “what reflection is this to me?” .. I’m thinking, god you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
Out of my own wishes and desires to make excessive, almost unreachable loads of money by using tools of an honest heart and training to create a mind of brilliance I realised that although my brain would willingly accept taking on these judgments (which is exactly what they are) and perceptions, they were completely unnecessary and my brain is so much more capable of taking on much more extraordinary things that would help myself and others, not judge them.
How many times during the day as you talk to people, browse Facebook, read emails and so forth are you putting your mind under necessary distraction to achieve very little. What is the greater outcome you would receive and what bigger parts of information would you gather staying focused on your goal, on your intent or what you are doing in that present moment if you stopped being distracted?
Now, here’s the fine line stuff.
I couldn’t think of the word perception. It was right under the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t remember so I used the thesaurus. After typing in view, look, watching perception never came up, but funnily enough when I googled judgment it did, along with the word intuition. This is the second time this very same question has been raised about what is judgment VS intuition, but unfortunately that is yet to be found for me. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on judgment VS intuition. But anyway, intuition is not to be mistaken for being disciplined enough to ignore distractions and I want to be very clear about this. If your running down a hill and you get a feeling to look up, I want you to look up because more than likely there is bound to be some poor bastard trying his guts out cycling up a hill and you’re going to want to move out of the way. Don’t replace not been distracted for ignorance either.
So I will leave you with this exercise, give it a go yourself some time. Go for a walk and keep your head down, focus on the ground in front of you and see what it’s like for you. There are so many people looking around and judging you that you are more than likely going to stand out but I promise you, even with your head down they’ll still look and you won’t even notice, hopefully.
But what you will notice, may be something extraordinary.

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